About Us

Top Brass & Metal Refinishing has been in business since 1979. Originally, we only manufactured the solid brass engraved key tags. In those days, they didn’t have the protective coating on them. However, we had to find a way to properly clear coat them. Our sales reps had to polish each tag every time they went in to take a new order. We knew this consumed much of their time. They willingly did it anyway. We perfected the coating process, they all jumped for joy. We asked them why they never complained. Here is what they said:

"Because the tags sold very well, we never wanted to give them up."

Coating them was just an added bonus.

When our family and friends found out about this process, they all wanted their beds, lamps, tables and knickknack's, etc. coated too. That is how the refurbishing part of the business started. Here we are today, helping people all over the country protect and preserve their brass, copper, stainless, bronze, aluminum and other corrosive metals.

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