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Top Brass - Refurbished Brass PotTop Brass & Metal Refinishing is in the restoring, refinishing & refurbishing business. Item's such as: brass beds, lamps, tables, sink & tub fixtures, door handles, heirlooms, antiques, copper pot & pans, silver item'ss, etc.

Any metal item's that can get tarnished or corroded can be refinished & repaired. We do any repairs, polish the item's back to their natural finish, put them through a degreasing process & then lacquer coat them. The degreasing process is the only proper way of removing the oils left from the buffing process. The clear coating keeps the item's finish looking new. This process saves you countless hours of hard work polishing yet never getting that new looking finish that we can achieve. Our process stops the corrosive damage due mainly to the elements in the air. If the item's are allowed to continue to corrode, it can only take away from their value. In no way does this process & coating devalue the item's. It only helps to preserve & protect them.

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